The Council for Elementary Science International (CESI) is an international professional organization for teachers (pre-K through 8th grade) who have the responsibility to teach science to children, elementary, and middle school science educators, and pre-service teachers who will become Pre-K – 8th grade teachers.

CESI Mission Statement: The Council for Elementary Science International promotes excellence and equity in K-8 science education. The purposes of the Council for Elementary Science International, according to the CESI Constitution, are” … to stimulate, improve, and coordinate science teaching at preschool and elementary school levels and to engage in any an and all activities in furtherance thereof; to promote the improvement of science progress, which begins in preschool and develops in continuous and integrated fashion through grade 12 and beyond.”

CESI membership includes a professional journal, newsletters, and opportunities to learn and collaborate with colleagues at breakfasts, luncheons, make and take sessions, workshops, and presentations, and mini-conferences usually held at national and regional NSTA conventions. CESI is the elementary affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association.

Founded in 1920, CESI is one of the oldest science-oriented organizations in the nation. The purpose of CESI is to promote excellence in the teaching of science in preschool through middle school classrooms. CESI has approximately 800 members, two organizational affiliates, and two states, which share joint membership.

Members of the organization include classroom teachers, resource teachers, specialists, principals, researchers, and college and university science instructors (methods and content area). A Board of Directors elected by the membership governs the organization. Current dues are $20/year. Corporate and institutional sponsors are invited.

For additional information, contact

CESI President, Dr. Alan McCormack
San Diego State University
College of Education
San Diego, CA 92182


The organization provides a variety of resources for the teaching of hands-on/mindson science. CESI Sourcebooks contain teacher -tested activities, which focus on topics of interest. File Sheets are a compilation of the popular CESI Make and Take sessions from regional, state, and national conferences.

Monographs and occasional papers are published as a member service and to update professionals on current research in the field and its application to elementary science. Members receive CESI  Newsletters and CESI Science, the official journal of  CESI, biannually.

CESI Awards include:

• CESI Exemplary Elementary Science Teaching Award
• CIBA Exemplary Elementary Principal Award
• Muriel Green Awards for new teachers of science
• CESI Elementary Advocate Award – presented to persons or organizations, which have provided resources leading to a national impact on elementary science education.

These awards are presented at the annual CESI/NSTA Elementary Science Luncheon at the NSTA National Convention.